This software is used to automatically detect the presence of “pumps” in electropharyngeal (EPG) recordings in C. elegans. The software detects the presence of pumps in the recordings and extracts a series of statistical measures from these pumps. AutoEPG works through intelligent signal processing techniques and is fast and very efficient in this detection process.

AutoEPG will detect the presence of pumps and annotate the main peaks in each pump as shown below in a screenshot of the AutoEPG software.

Once pumps are detected, AutoEPG will generate a whole bunch of statistics about the recordings, including:

Pump Duration

Pump rate

Number of ‘P’ peaks per pump

Number of Groups of Pumps

the “R/E” ratios

the “E-R” intervals


All of this information is extractable via an Excel Spreadsheet which can be exported for further analysis/ writing up your reports.


AutoEPG is supported primarily through on-line/email support, if you need help please email us here or use our dedicated support page. At this stage, as EMbody is a small (but growing!) concern, we do not offer 24/7 support, but we will still do our very best to help you in a timely manner.


AutoEPG is priced at an affordable level, especially for academic use,  each purchase comes with a unique license. We can provide a discount for multiple license purchases. Please contact us to request information on pricing for AutoEPG.