Biomedical innovator launches TrakBox platform to revolutionise behavioural analysis of C. elegans and other microscopic nematodes

Rugby, United Kingdom – May 2017


EMbody Biosignals, a UK-based specialist company in computational intelligence analysis techniques in biomedicine today announced its revolutionary new product, TrakBox, an affordable automated tracking platform for C.elegans and other microscopic nematodes. This platform utilises low-cost, off-the-shelf parts, combined with powerful tracking and analysis software to provide a revolutionary new look at behavioural analysis of microscopic nematodes.

“Monitoring the behaviour patterns of C.elegans or other microscopic nematodes is a time-consuming, resource intensive and potentially inexact process. It requires dedicating time almost exclusively to undertake in-person monitoring, increasing costs and slowing down progress of research projects”, says owner and CEO of EMbody Biosignals, Prof. Christopher James. “TrakBox provides precise, real-time monitoring of microscopic nematodes, over long periods of time, compiling data into graphical information allowing for quick and easily analysis.”

Simple, Straight From The Box Setup

Designed and tested in real laboratory environments, TrakBox comes complete with all the hardware and software needed to study C.elegans and other nematodes. Simple, Elegant And Powerful, TrakBox combines a sturdy platform for each sample, a hi-resolution camera mounted on a stable smooth motion 2-axis arm to follow progress of nematodes backed up with realtime analysis of results. TrakBox is designed as a set and forget solution, simply place a sample on the platform, set up a monitoring period using the intuitive tools, then, just let it get on with the job at hand. It’s that simple.

Powerful Reporting

TrakBox removes the need for manual data input, improving accuracy and delivering consistent information that can be relied upon. The system reports on: speed, direction, behaviour patterns and even an overlay of the worm trajectory – all effortlessly done from a single view in real-time.

Prof. James continues, “This launch signals a shift towards a more automated way of extracting behavioral information from nematodes, and thus moves C.elegans even closer to being used as a model organism for researching human health issues”.

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To learn more about TrakBox or book an interview contact Christopher James at +447999299126 or email,, or visit the website at

Want to speak to us in person? EMbody Biosignals will be exhibiting TrakBox (and its other output, AutoEPG) at the 21st International C. elegans conference at the University of California, Los Angeles from 22 – 24 June 2017. We will be available for interview then.


About EMbody Biosignals Ltd.

EMbody is about the development of fast, safe, intelligent and automatic diagnostic algorithms for processing the electromagnetic signals recorded from the human body and other biological systems. The technology used at EMbody is being developed by the founder working in the fields of information engineering, computational intelligence, machine learning, and biomedical engineering.

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