One of the things that was invaluable at our recent trip to the #Worm17 conference in LA was getting feedback on the features of our analysis software from would be end-users.

In particular we have upgraded our TrakBox to include two new features: the 1st allows the user to highlight a rectangle of space on the worm trajectory map and the software will automagically calculate the amount of time the worm has spent in that area.

Now with TrakBox you can see how much time a worm has spent in a particular zone of the dish.

The second feature is regarding the roaming VS dwelling chart – the system now delves deeper into the dwelling portions of the worm’s activity and will report when (and where) the worm’s activity was quiescent – i.e. when the worm was sat motionless.

Let us know if these features interest you or if you have any further suggestions for the tracking software 👍