Not only can TrakBox track a nematode for hours on end, but the data generated as a consequence provides a wealth of information on worm behaviour. As canoe seen below, the TrakBox viewer software allows you to step through a worm track – frame by frame – giving you overall information about the worm’s behaviour as well as instantaneous snapshots of activity.

As well as this you can get an accurate picture of the time the worm spends dwelling or roaming (as well as time spent quiescent) in the detailed dwell plot shown below.

If you want a dynamic view of the worm’s activity then it is possible to retrospectively create a movie (video) showing the worm’s behaviour – with an inset showing the worm’s overall position on the plate. TrakBox viewer generates a contrast enhanced video from the snapshots TrakBox took with the click of a button. The video linked to below depicts just 1 hour into a 10+ hours recording of C. elegans. (click the image to see the video).